John Knific

Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn

John Knific John Knific is a seasoned entrepreneur and jazz pianist. He has extensive domain knowledge of the music education space. Originally starting DecisionDesk in his dorm, John has since led the DecisionDesk team to be featured among the top 25 young entrepreneurs in the US by Bloomberg Businessweek and grown the company be the leading provider of online audition services to universities. John is passionate about growing the young entrepreneur culture in Northeast Ohio. He is a regular guest lecturer at Case Western Reserve University, Kent State, Baldwin-Wallace College, Oberlin College, and more. Having graduated with a degree in Pre-Med Biology, John turned down an acceptance to Case Western Reserve University's Medical School to grow DecisionDesk. He is grateful for the support of the region, his investors, and his colleagues.

Marc Plotkin

VP Business Development LinkedIn

Marc Plotkin Marc is an accomplished musician, producer, and entrepreneur. Constantly tinkering with a number of projects, he has experience working on everything from Grammy-nominated recording projects, to composing for commercials, to creating innovative internet solutions for the challenges facing the modern-day music community. While finishing his studies at Case Western/The Cleveland Institute of Music, Marc co-founded DecisionDesk. To date he has personally facilitated successful working relationships with upwards of forty institutional clients for the company. Marc lives and works in New York City, managing the DecisionDesk sales team as well as continuing his music career.

Eric Neuman

Chief Technology Officer LinkedIn

Eric Neuman Eric is an experienced web developer who has lived and worked on both coasts and the midwest. He has worked with NASA (Mountain View, CA) on two separate occasions as both a developer for autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles and as a software engineer for mission control. He is fluent in a wide range of technologies including Python, JavaScript, AWS, ActionScript, .Net, XNA, Java/Android, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, MYSQL, postgres, and more. In addition to being a programming Swiss Army Knife, Eric is a talented visual artist who has shown in galleries around his home in New York City.

Christine Vienna Knific

Director of Accounts

Christine Vienna Knific As Director of Accounts, Christine Vienna Knific facilitates the DecisionDesk applicant support platform and manages all customizations for our clients. In short, she is DecisionDesk's First Line of Defense. Christine is a talented vocalist who has performed internationally with renowned vocal jazz artists, including a year with Toxic Audio in Las Vegas. She is also pursuing a masters in Speech Pathology in addition to her work with DecisionDesk.

Nick Svoboda

Account Manager

Nick Svoboda Nick Svoboda comes to DecisionDesk with a strong background in audio engineering. He completed his bachelors degree through a joint program with Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Music, and worked as an audio technician for the conservatory since 2009. A talented percussionist, Nick has performed internationally with a recent 6 week tour in Australia. Nick works directly with our Director of Accounts to facilitate client relations, platform customizations, and top notch applicant support.

Rebecca Brandt

Sales Associate

Rebecca Brandt Rebecca is a composer and musician living in Brooklyn, NY. She received her bachelor's in music composition and film scoring at NYU's Gallatin School, and writes and orchestrates music for a variety of film and multimedia projects, including a Director's Guild of America-nominated short. With a wide range of interests, she also has experience in the areas of social media, sales, and marketing. At DecisionDesk, Rebecca is involved in sales, communication with prospective clients, and managing our email campaign.